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Name: Alex
Birthday: August 2
Occupation: Animal Caretaker and Grooming Salon Attendant
Fun Fact: Alex has been running a 'Rocky Blog' (Rocky Horror Picture Show Pics) since '10 (direct link on tumblr icon) and has spoken on panels. She is also the web mistress of this website.
Favorite Quote: "Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible."

"Don't Dream It, Be It." - Frank-N-Furter
Tour of Duty: January 2011 - Present

Alex was first introduced to Rocky when she was twelve. At first, she was told nothing of this cult classic, but begged her parents to allow her to go, thinking it was a horror production of sorts. But upon arrival, she was struck by the glittering strangers dressed in corsets, fishnets, top hats. She immediately ran for the door but was quickly shuffled into the crowded theatre.

Two years later, after having forgotten about the show until then, she attended another screening performed by the RKO Army and braced herself for what she was about to endure. Having been a themed show of Alice In Wonderland, a favorite movie, she was struck smitten by the shows and cast. Not long after, her first appearance with RKO laid a spontaneous favor asked by a cast member, and from then on, she was hooked.