Rocky Horror

Repo! The Genetic Opera
  Single Mom


Name: A.J.
Birthday: September 26
Occupation: Freelance Actor
Fun Fact: Alijah is not only a trained actor but a trained singer, including opera. It was actually Repo!: the Genetic Opera that brought her to RKO.
Favorite Quote: "Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise" - Victor Hugo

"Don't Dream It, Be It." - Frank-N-Furter
Tour of Duty: November 2015- Present

Being an actor Alijah was always looking for new opportunities to perform and different groups to be a part of. In 2014 she saw her forst RKO show of Repo!: The Genetic Opera at the Rhode Island Comic Con. She decided to make it her mission to shadow cast one day. In the following summer she met cast member Rachel B. and was introduced to RKO in a different light. After her first shadow casting of Rocky she knew she couldn't pass up this opportunity. Shortly after her first show she binge watched all of RKO's productions repeatedly and then made her first appearance at their Star Wars crossover show and has been hooked to the Army ever since and can't wait to explore what lies ahead.