Name: Carolyn
Birthday: January 10
Occupation: Private voice, guitar and piano lessons. Interested? $70/month
Fun Fact: She's currently studying to be a musicologist. She's going all the way to get a doctorate and write a book on Rocky Horror. She hopes you all buy it. In 2016.

She met Carrie Fisher once. Princess Leia was her first love. It was the best moment of her life.

She likes boobies. A lot.
Favorite Quote: "That's me as a vampire? I'm so...evil...and skanky...and I think I'm kinda gay"

"Can't have a pie without cool whhhip."

"Hey Quagmire...isn't there supposed to be an 'O' in 'cuntry'?"

Carolyn first became involved with Rocky Horror when she decided on it being the topic of her honors project for her music degree. Her first show was the patriotic show in 2008. She began to attend regularly at the South Kingstown show in August of that same year. She started filming for her documentary, but continued to film the preshows for the cast's archives. She is currently working on building an RKO youtube account.