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Name: Crystal
Birthday: December 17
Occupation: Corporate Desk Monkey
Fun Fact: Crystal has performed in front of quite a few Rocky/Shock Treatment celebrities (and even got interrogated by Pat after a Shocky performance, as to why on earth she WANTED to play Nation!) At one point, Patricia Quinn and Little Nell autographed "Magenta" and "Columbia" on her ankles (and on Lin-Z's arm as well), which were promptly made permanent at the first tattoo parlor they could find!
Favorite Quote: "We are all freaks. Yes! Alone in our rooms at night, we are all weirdos and outcasts and losers.. Whether you admit it or not, you are all worried that the others won’t accept you, that if they knew the real you, they would recoil in horror. Each of us carries with us a secret shame that we think is somehow unique…And if we are, each of us, freaks – then can’t we accept what’s different in each other and move on?" ― James St. James
Tour of Duty: Crystal first started attending shows in 2004 & became part of The RKO Army in 2006

My mom brought me (and some friends) to Rocky for the first time in 2004. We became instantly obsessed, and brought as many people as possible to all of the shows, to the point of reserving car spots months in advance! (In my persistent Rocky virgin sacrifices over the years, I even succeeded in converting a few friends into cast members themselves!) By 2006, I had befriended the cast and started doing preshows and trixies, before eventually playing characters in Rocky. By 2007 I started going to and then performing in RHPS conventions nationwide, and have been lucky enough to meet (and perform for) quite a few Rocky/Shocky stars (such as Pat Quinn, Little Nell, Barry Bostwick..)

When I'm not at a show, you can usually find me obsessing over Disney things and cuddling with my cats, Meeko Suave & Thomas O'Malley (who were named after Meeko from Pocahontas & Abraham DeLacy Giuseppe Casey Thomas O'Malley The Alley Cat from The Aristocats... I wasn't kidding about the Disney obsession!). I like a wide variety of movies and music, burlesque, pin up art, tattoos, fun hair colors, and pretty much anything shiny! I am also a strict vegetarian and think anyone who likes torturing animals should die a slow, painful death. Because that's me ending my bio on a happy note haha!