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Name: Fred
Birthday: July 2
Occupation: Buyer
Fun Fact: Fred was born an original sinner. He was born of original sin. If he had a dollar bill for all the things he's done, there'd be a mountain of money piled up to his chin.
Favorite Quote: Who are you? What do you want? Where are you going?

Fred joined the cast back in 1995 and has since played every part in the show. Lurking around the show; he perfers to be called "Asshole". A admitted Babylon 5 addict; he is always looking to convert those that have not seen the brilliance of the aforementioned show. While not a true god like Roy; he aspires to godling status by doing the entire show singlehandedly on a snowy evening. If you go to the show you can spot Fred by looking for the guy that is saying "When are we going Shock Treatment again? Can I do Farley?"