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  Irwin Lapsey

Name: Keither
Birthday: January 3
Occupation: Electrician
Fun Fact: Keither is a champion nose picker.
Favorite Quote: "If it ain't tight, it ain't right!"
Tour of Duty: 2003 - Current

I started coming to Rocky for my 11th birthday at Meadowbrook. I started becoming a regular attendee at the Castle with my right hand skrink la di, Lin-Z and attended some Pastime shows as well. When RKO started back up in Middletown/North Attleboro both of us decided to join. We both also used to regularly perform in Harvard Square's Full Body Cast. I am head over heels in love with my wife Lin-Z. I love our dogs. For fun I like to skydive, skateboard, snowboard, spin poi (fire/glow), go to and throw rave parties all over New England and New York,my production company is called Tight Crew.I like to play that queer dancing game in the mall, get tattoos and piercings, go to concerts, and kill numerous brain cells!!! I love punk rock, metal, classic rock, and all kinds of EDM (electronic dance music) particularly hardcore, hardhouse, happy hardcore, house, electro, etc... I love our crowd and all of my friends. Come PARTY with us! And remember kids, Don't dream it, BE IT!