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Name: Little Mel
Birthday: December 17
Occupation: Promotions/Booking/Marketing/Right Hand Woman at, but FYE (retail) pays the bills.
Fun Fact: I was the first person in New England to play Amber Sweet, I can do a headstand. Headstands are fun, right?
Favorite Quote: "Try not to get worried, try not to turn onto problems that upset you. Don't you know that everything's alright, yes everything's fine. And we want you to sleep well tonight, let the world turn without you tonight. Close your eyes, close your eyes, and forget all about us tonight" - JCS
Tour of Duty: Wild and Untamed Bagels (2000, 2004), Come Again Players (2007-2009), Teseracte Players (2012), RKO Army (2010 [one show], 2011-2013).

I first heard of Rocky Horror through a friend when I was a senior in high school (2001). She wanted to put on her own show (for which we got in trouble for promoting at school) and thus The Wild and Untamed Bagels were born (we only had 3 shows). I stumbled into the role of Columbia, when the person originally doing it decided it wasn't for her. To celebrate we all went to see an actual shadow cast (FBC) and from that moment I became addicted. I went about once a month (I was still living at home and my Mother didn't really approve). In 2004, my friend moved out to western MA and joined the Come Again Players. In March of that year I was a guest in a pre show, and in October The Wild & Untamed Bagels had a guest show Halloween night at the C.A.P. Theater. At the time I was still living in Eastern MA so it was hard for me to be a part of cast. Finally in 2007, I joined C.A.P., out of C.A.P. Genetic Imperfection was born. In 2009 I took a hiatus from performing, but got back into it when I was asked by the RKO's fearless leader to perform as Amber Sweet for them. About a year later I was reeled in by The Teseract Players. So, I went from being in no cast for a while, to two. I am also happy to be getting involved with more shadow casting than just Rocky and REPO!.