Rocky Horror
  Dr. Scott


Name: Michelle
Birthday: September 19
Occupation: Accountant
Fun Fact: I'm Crystal's mom.
Favorite Quote: "Buaidh No Bas"
Tour of Duty: 2/16/07 to Current

I remember MTV / VH1 used to play the Time Warp as a video back in the early 80's - that was my favorite video, but I hadn't seen the movie yet at that time. One day I was shopping and saw the DVD so I picked it up and forced Crystal to watch it, she didn't know anything about it until then. Then in Sept of 2004 I saw an ad for the Triboro Theater that said it was showing RHPS, so we went w/some of her friends - not realizing that there was a live cast. ( I thought that the only cast around was in Boston & I am afraid to drive in Boston so I had never seen them. ) Well, we loved it & have been going back ever since. Her friends especially loved the fact that it was an all guys cast that night. Crystal later joined the cast & I was approached to work the lights, but I was hesitant because I didn't want to mess up. I finally gave in for the all guys show 2/16/07 in E. Bridgewater since the tech crew was to be all girls that night. I've been on lights or camera ever since.