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Name: Molly
Birthday: The ides of March
Occupation: I hate fleece.
Fun Fact: She has a strange tendency to be painted green. She is also married to Kat.
Favorite Quote: "Do I contradict myself? / Very well, then / I contradict myself. / (I am large, I contain multitudes)" - Walt Whitman [Song of Myself]

"This is the way the world ends / not with a bang but a whimper." -T.S. Eliot [The Hollow Men]

"There's a million ways to laugh and every one's a path." - Roger Daltrey/Pete Townshend [Join Together - The Who by Numbers]
Tour of Duty: September 2007 - Current

My first encounter with Rocky was on a silly myspace survey which asked "Have you seen RHPS? How many times?". At the time I did not know what on earth "RHPS" stood for, but I asked around and discovered that it was "some weird movie where people throw toast at each other." Hmm. I later watched it at midnight on AMC. I got my cherry popped in East Bridgewater by Mr. Joshua Zuckerman a.k.a. Pee Wee Herman. I've been an outcast ever since!

I love shopping for purple shoes. I have a slight obsession with The Who. I enjoy Eric Whitacre and The Dresden Dolls... with a little bit of Moses Hogan. Phantom is a good book. Bruce Campbell is amazing. Dark Shadows and Buffy the Vampire Slayer are good shows. I sing opera. Dragons are my favorite.