Rocky Horror
  Riff Raff

Name: Nat
Birthday: May 8
Occupation: Shift Supervisor at Starbucks
Fun Fact: Once played Riff opposite my real sister Nessa, who played Magenta.
Favorite Quote: "Well, everyone knows she's a wonderful little cook."
Tour of Duty: 1997 - 1999ish?

The home video premier of Rocky Horror caught me at a very formative time - I was a freshman in high school, just discovering myself, and fully embracing rock and roll as the closest thing I'll ever have to religion. The first time I saw it, I was a little disappointed - I was hoping for more horror! However, even at 14 or 15, I was already appreciative of schlock, and could appreciate it for what it was. However, what really grabbed me was the music. Had the music not been so great, I never would have watched it a second time. As it is, we copied the VHS tape we rented from Stop and Shop Home Video, and literally watched it every day for at least a month - including that Thanksgiving. My stepfather was not thrilled, but it seemed to have a big impact on my 7-year-old sister, who some of you old-timers may know as Nessa.

As it happened, Rocky was playing in my hometown of Groton, CT (Roy was in that cast, too!). However, it was winding down by the time I had the opportunity to see it in a theater - the first time I went, the cast had taken the night off. The second time, the cast was....uninspired, to say the least. Roy had long since departed! It wasn't until several years later that I'd run across the Meadowbrook in Warwick. Some friends of mine were lost in our quest to find the Warwick Mall. We never found the mall, but Rocky was playing that night, so we decided to check it out.

My life would never be the same.

During my stint, I managed to drag Will into the fold, and we immediately set out to be as "entertaining" (obnoxious) as humanly possible. Whether carrying on in the dressing room, singing the very worst of Kiss at the top of our lungs, or crawling through the sticky red "Meadowbrook Scum" that coated the floor of the theater, we tried to keep things interesting, and put our guts into every performance.

I'd say that I'm indulging myself with this overlong bio, but...isn't that what Rocky Horror is all about?