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Name: Nicole
Birthday: January 12
Occupation: Random stuff that has to do with animals-sometimes I smell funny. I have some research papers.
Fun Fact: I can lick my nose, for real. Purple. I also am a very convincing Captain Jack Sparrow look-alike, but my lady-voice gives me away.
Favorite Quote: I can't ever decide on one, but if it's from Adventure Time, Captain Jack Sparrow, LOTR, Star Wars, or the Dalai Lama I am all about it.
Tour of Duty: I was Trixie in May 2011, but I've been showing up since '07, and even more frequently after so many of my high school buddies were in the cast :)

I'm pretty much a pirate-in the sense that I like adventures and swashbuckling, and not so much stealing, pillaging, or being disease-ridden. I like animals so sooo much, and I really want to be a veterinarian some day. I found Rocky in the same way that you would find treasure- I stumbled over it, turned back to see what it was, and suddenly found myself digging furiously to uncover something really magical and shiny. RKO is really an amazing family, and they put so much dedication into the magic they produce, and I just needed to be a part of it.