Rocky Horror
  Dr. Scott

Shock Treatment
  Harry Weiss

Name: Phil
Birthday: February 4
Occupation: Computer Programmer
Favorite Quote: We need shotguns for this shit!

Phil started at the Cumberland Twin. He was pulled out of the audience to play Rocky. (It was a few pounds ago.) From there it was on to Crim, Scotty and Eddie (In that order). September 1999 brought the challange of the first new role (Dad in ST) in 10 years. May 2003 will be 17 years (and God only knows how many performances, well Roy might) of this insanity. He's been the Propmaster (That's Technical Director to most casts.) and Treasurer for the Absolute Pleasure Players. While he's performed with the Teseracts, he considers himself to be only bi-castal (APP and RKO).