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Name: Sammi
Birthday: July 6
Occupation: Student/Actor. She's also enjoyed stints at the RIC Art Gallery, RI State House, and most recently, photographing Mickey and friends at Disneyland, and scaring the crap out of grown men for Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood.
Fun Fact: Sammi went to Jew-Camp with Courtney.
Favorite Quote: "I WOULD call you a cunt, but frankly you lack both the depth AND the warmth."
Tour of Duty: April 2007 - Present

Sammi first watched The Rocky Horror Picture Show at age fifteen, with her then-boyfriend in the comfort of her own home. Soon after, her friend from Jew-Camp informed her that there was a cast based right in little old Rhode Island. Sammi quickly made the trek to Middletown, RI on a Friday in February 2006. Just a few months later she decided only having Rocky once monthly was not nearly enough, and she began attending the East Bridgewater, MA shows also. Her first performance was in the All-Girls show in East Bridgewater in April of 2007. She played Magenta and had absolutely no idea what she was doing. She subsequently vowed to be the most accurate Rocky Horror shadowcaster in the history of shadowcasting so as not to suffer such embarrassment ever again.

Through her involvement, Sammi brought several of the current and most recent college-age members into the cast. You're welcome.

Sammi is currently finishing up a year away from Home Sweet RKO, taking up residency in Anaheim, CA from January '11 to August '11, and currently Los Angeles. Recently freeing herself up from the more well-known Southern California theme parks, she spends most of her time on film sets, and even managed to do a fun little musical theatre workshop where she was trained by the guy who played Darla's asshole boyfriend Waldo in The Little Rascals.