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Name: Zephyr
Birthday: September 25
Occupation: Adventure Guide, Jack Sparrow Impersonator, Haunted Attraction Designer.
Fun Fact: Zephyr is the writer and co-star of the comedy web series Othertown, which features some other familiar RKO faces.
Favorite Quote: "On a large enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero."
Tour of Duty: April 2010 - Present

Zephyr was born in San Francisco, California, where the fog rolled in through the windows of the UCSF Medical Center and into his brain, clouding his better judgement from a very early age.

He took off with his parents and toured the country, performing his first role onstage at the age of three. From the first fateful moment he tottered onstage, his stubby and underdeveloped little appendages fueled by the excitement of having people watch him as if he were doing something worth noting, he became an avid performer and entertainer. While growing up in a variety of vehicular abodes, he developed an interest in many things, namely music, writing and literature, theme park and attraction design, costuming, haunted attractions, film, stunt work, and pretty much anything else that could be classified as entertainment.

At the ripe old age of eighteen years, he yanked himself by the pantaloons from the cone of safety surrounding his parents' mobile residence and landed unceremoniously in the midst of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. When not performing or doing tech-type activities with RKO (he's among the best nipple tapists in the cast), he can usually be found at home in Providence boosting his already troubling ego, working in Foxboro as a spy and/or aquanaut, rock climbing, or doing anything else he deems worth doing. He has written four books and recorded two albums with his band, all of which you should purchase because he needs your all your money to become disgustingly wealthy, a goal from which he is farther away than a rodent on a treadmill in front of a cheese factory.